Episode Title: “From Online Poker to Gold Stocks, Top Value Stock Picks”

#SFLive Ep 148 with Erik Wetterling, The Hedgeless Horseman, he discusses his online poker past, his views on the market, attractive business models, and his top stock picks.

5 thoughts on “Soar Financial Interviews The Hedgeless Horseman

  1. Kenny says:

    Great Interview! Definitely needed more time.

    1. admin says:

      Glad to hear Kenny!

      Hehe I thought there would be plenty of time for many subjects but I went off ranting as usual 😉

      Best regards

  2. jim mclella says:

    Great interview, enjoyed the story and congratulate you on your success. Been following you for some time and believe in your methodology, and you now have a following both in stocks and people. You explain your logic and give us insight to the market. Still have trouble knowing when to sell…thats the hardest part for me…even a loser is hard to give up. You, BM, QH give me confidence. Thanks all. Can you do a projection on Novo?

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for the kind words Jim! What is much fun is that my methodology keeps improving and I am learning new stuff and fine tuning things all the time. I am also much better at buying than selling. I guess it is to be expected if there are no natural exits like a take over. This is also why I prefer companies with very long runways. Meaning I can see continuous value creation for years to come (like Novo).

      Projecting what Novo might or might not do is very hard since the market and I seldom agree when it comes to Novo. What I hope is for BC to become a success and that the cash flow will be spent on numerous projects. I think there is no real exploration upside priced in right now which is a good thing for me as a buyer. However, one can never know if/when that kicks in and to what degree. If nothing else it should move higher with Karratha and/or Egina getting into production but that will not happen overnight. Anyway, it is and has been the main holding in all family portfolios since it has the longest runway of any stock I know of.

      Best regards

  3. Kevin Morse says:

    Outstanding interview Erik. Incredible story about what you went through and how you responded to it all. Amazing that online poker turns into precious metal exploration investing, into your well-known website with linked articles, your own articles and sponsors.

    It give a completely new perspective having now knowing your background, your formal education and how you’ve created your own opportunities, network and money in such a short number of years. Very inspiring.

    I’ve really enjoyed your article over the years on NOVO. I got in at $0.66 and rode it up to $7 US in 2017 and consumed every article and interview available from Quinten, yourself and Bob Moriarty. To think they are essentially in your network is pretty cool.

    Thanks for sharing and I think we are going to make a lot of money in the cycle. I was already up as high as 23x on Eskay Mining and I think the best is still ahead for it and the the other Dr. Hennigh specials…

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