Discussing what I think is the optimal way to play grassroot exploration stories and how it is affected by sector sentiment.

Will touch on NuLegacy Gold, Prosper Gold and Labrador Gold

Not investing advice. Consider me biased.

TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Intro 10:00 NuLegacy Gold 23:34 Prosper Gold 30:20 Labrador Gold

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The Hedgeless Horseman

2 thoughts on “THH – How to Play Grassroot Exploration: NUG, LAB, PGX

  1. Thanks. I am still hoping that NUG will find a 50million oz gold elephant and be a 100 bagger, so I’m not selling. And LAB should do well too.

  2. phil says:

    Thanks again for this post. I have a much better understanding for your point of view on these stocks as sentiment turns down. Keep up the good work and we must wait patiently for future developments.

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