I have been collecting data and information for the next “Novo Insider Post” during the last couple of weeks and am currently working on compiling it into a readable document and/or post. It will be a pretty meaty article regarding my theory for tracing the surfacing conglomerates and some thoughts I aired a couple of weeks ago about the potential for geological mismapping around the Fortescue Group of rocks. The article will be highly speculative of course but I have found enough “evidence” and comments from different companies that I feel comfortable releasing it. I have not seen my thesis and/or tools come up in any forum/interview/News Release so far.

It always takes longer than I expect to put together a readable article since I have to try to explain my reasoning, but I will try to get it done before this weekend is over.


Teaser image:



Teaser image.


A few additional notes:

  • I will try to respond to all the emails I have received when I am finished with the article. Apologies for the delay, but I have a severe backlog of work at the moment.
  • My email alert for when a new article has been posted is not working ATM. I will look into that in due time.
  • I will try to figure out another payment structure. The first Novo Insider was thankfully very successful, but I realize that manually sending out passwords is inefficient and takes up a lot of productive time.



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