Bob Moriarty
Aug 16, 2021

I’m not a giant fan of videos. Several times daily people send me videos that I “must watch.” But my time is limited. Frankly most videos spend 25% of their total length in chatter before they get to any real point. My time means more to me.

I put Tony Vamvakitis in touch with Collin Kettell many months ago. He began to do videos for New Found Gold. Some of them do the greatest job of communication for any company I have ever watched. He is a long time experienced video producer across a variety of businesses and subjects. I know of no other video producer associated with the resource space who even comes close to him in quality of what they do.

I watched a video by him a couple of months ago. I thought it did the best job of communicating the values of NFG I have ever seen for any company. It was a simple video of a beautiful young woman named Karin Clyke who works for the company and her thoughts about rocks and working for NFG. It gave NFG a human face.

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