Quinton Hennigh, President and Chairman of Novo Resources (TSX:NVO – OTCQX:NSRPF) joins me to address some of the questions on the back of the financing announced today. This deals a lot with the need to continue drilling at Beatons Creek to upgrade the resource.

If you have any follow up questions for Quinton please email me at [email protected]

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview over at Kereport.com


  1. gary hills says:

    just saw your coverage of the kereport thanks. bob @ 321 did his usual cover up of Quinton’s lack
    of ability to run a company. novo’s start up was missed by all management and now for 20 million that should have been in Sprott’s funding and probably was; was not well handled. So we the stockholders have to take a 200 million stock loss because novo management missed some things that should never have been missed by someone with any business since in mining. For bob of 321 it is like a builder forgetting to order lumber only worse because of all the investors that have had to put up with this crap sandwich Quinton gave us. Quinton get to work and fix this mess or step down before you do more damage.
    gary hills

    1. Jay Linn says:

      I reduced my holding in Novo by 10% on this drop. Not because I am negative on Novo’s prospect but the stock may stay in the doldrum for a while and perhaps see even a bit lower price range. But to me, the most important point is this: Novo is a 5-year story. In about 5 years, this could be a history-making, home-run investment as Quinton’s vision comes to fruition. Or it could be just small-cap speculation that doubles. ( But the stock WILL go up because the gold price would go up big time ) Either way, we should not be so concerned about day-to-day movements in stock price. We have to be patient and check back in about 2 years. Or 5 years.

  2. KZ says:

    Huh? I added big time to my Novo holdings… thank you Quinton for leading Novo Resources to becoming a successful gold producer with more potential growth in resources than any other on the planet. And for the fools that sold, fools that don’t have a clue why financings are necessary, a big thank you for your ignorance and good riddance – don’t let the door knock you out when you leave!

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