Alasdair Macleod, Head of Research at, returns to Liberty and Finance for this end of year 2020 summary and 2021 preview, with a special eye to the emerging banking crisis, hyperinflation, and fiat crisis he has been warning us about for the past 2 quarters. Alasdair also answers several viewers’ questions in this eye-opening expose.

IN THIS INTERVIEW: Smart Money Pulling Out Savings (M2) into Cash (M1): Banking’s “Exit Door” to PLOW CASH INTO REAL THINGS – Bitcoin & Metals Breakout – Dollar Alternatives All Waking Up – COVID Logistics Fallout Now Becoming a Global Payments & Liquidity Crisis – Euro Bank Crises & Target2 Cover-Up – CB Hyperinflation Has Started – Fiat Crisis Ahead Find Alasdair’s analysis at:…

Via Liberty and Finance:

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