Majority of the juniors who explore for metals in the northern parts of the world will shortly begin their 2022 field season. These juniors basically spend around 6 months seen as “boring” and 6 months seen as “exciting”. The simple reason for it is of course that most of the work (Prospecting, sampling and drilling etc) has to be compacted into a shorter, snow free, period. When there are no drills turning hot money cannot “get rich tomorrow” and will therefore get bored and sell. The opposite tends to happen when drills start turning again since every day takes it closer to the “exciting assay results”.

Thus, when drills start turning the fuse is lit on potential “barn burner”- and/or new discovery holes, and excitement tends to ramp up.

My portfolio is quite concentrated to northern exploration/drill plays which is why the second half of each year tends to be better than the first half for my portfolio (share price wise). If I had to guess I would say that around 60%-70% of my portfolio will shortly transition from the “boring” period to the “exciting” period.

List of cashed up companies who will all shortly START their 2022 field season and thus get into the exciting period where the is potential for each company to significantly increase the intrinsic value. Note that all of the companies below have made discoveries already which means chance of success is higher than for grassroot discovery plays.

  • Eskay Mining
    • 30,000 m with multiple drills
    • Step out drilling + multiple grassroot targets to be tested
    • Potential to expand TV/Jeff and make several new discoveries
    • Cashed up 
  • Goliath Resources
    • 24,000 m with #4 drill rigs
    • Step out at the Sure Bet Zone + grassroot targets to be tested
    • Potential to infer a multimillion ounce system and make new discoveries
    • Cashed up
  • Pacific Ridge
    • 6,000 m
    • Expansion drilling at Kliyul Main Zone and test the Kliyul West and Kliyul East targets
    • Potential to expand Kliyul Main and make two new discoveries
    • Cashed up
  • Western Alaska
    • >6,000 m
    • Core focus will be on step out drilling of the Waterpump Creek CRD system to gauge the overall footprint of the bonanza Ag-Zn-Pb mineralization encountered in 2021
    • Cashed up
  • Cassiar Gold
    • 20,000-30,000 m
    • Drilling at both Cassiar North (Bulk) and South (High-grade veins)
    • Heavily oversubscribed placement which should be closed soon
  • Timberline Resources
    • ~7,000 m (mostly core this time around due to RC underestimating grades)
    • Cashed up
  • Scottie Resources
    • >10,000 m
    • Drilling at Scottie Gold Mine and Blueberry Zone
    • Aims to to develop a Maiden Resources
    • Cashed up
  • Snowline Gold
    • 3,000 m at Rogue
    • X m at Jupiter
    • Follow up drilling at the Rogue and Jupiter discoveries
    • Cashed up
  • Dolly Varden Silver
    • Plans pending
    • Cashed up
  • Nevada King
    • 6,400 m program at the Atlanta Gold Mine 
    • Expansion and exploration drilling
    • Cashed up

There are a lot more companies I own that will also be starting their field seasons soon but the list is so long that I had to cut it somewhere.

Note: I own shares of all companies mentioned and many are banner sponsors. Therefore assume I am biased and do your own due diligence. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content in this article. Assume I may buy or sell shares in any company at any time. Always make up your own mind. Juniors are risky and volatile. Never invest money you cannot afford to lose.

Best regards,

The Hedgeless Horseman

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