Eskay Mining’s Vice-President of Exploration, Dr. John DeDecker, provides an overview of the Company’s latest news announcing new geophysical interpretation of its data, as well as welcoming Riaz Mirza as Geophysical Advisor.

2 thoughts on “Eskay Mining (TSX.V: ESK) | Dr. John DeDecker on the New Geophysical Interpretation for Eskay Mining

  1. Tim Jenkins says:

    Another stock making new 52 week lows amidst a strong rally in Gold and Silver…..
    Nothing to see here..

    1. Kevin says:

      That’s certain not the fault of Eskay Mining. The sector sentiment just sucks. But that will be changing if the banking sector implodes further. All indications are that we are likely to and oncoming gold/silver bull market, especially with the Fed printing money to back up the banks, which adds all the liquidity that they worked to pull out of the system over the past year. Watch the value of the dollar if the Fed freezes rates and then starts lowering them, while we have high inflation.

      Times like these are perfectly meant for making money when exploration positions get revalued during an oncoming crisis.

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