Bob Moriarty

Jul 30, 2021

I wrote about Eloro about three weeks ago and pretty much covered the story. The Iska Iska project in Southern Bolivia will be a mine. It is far too big and far too rich not to be a mine under any commodity prices.

The company released drill results on July 28th that probably would not qualify as just world class but it would be more accurate to call it universe class results with 300.75 meters of 129.65 g/t Ag eq.

CLICK HERE to read the full article.

2 thoughts on “Moriarty: “Eloro Delivers Universe Class Results”

  1. “If you cube the 300.75 meters and use a s/g of 2.7 you get just over 54 million tonnes”

    Wrong. You get 72.9 million.

  2. Edward Schulze says:

    300 x300 x 300 x 2.7 = 72,900,000

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