Bob Moriarty

Sep 26, 2022

Regular readers are well aware of how much respect I have for the Daily Sentiment Indicator from Jake Bernstein. It is simply the most valuable tool I have come across in investing. We are at an interesting point where a number of commodities and indexes are showing extremes of emotion normally found only at tops or bottoms. This time may be different but only time will tell.

For anyone who has been awake lately the stock/bond/currency crash many have foreseen is in action right now. There is this simple issue of there being far more debt in the world than can be paid so at some point we need to settle the books. Either the borrowers pay the debt or the lenders. And obviously now it is the lenders. It is probably the worst liquidity event in history.

This is the start of the biggest financial change in five hundred years as the debt based Western financial system collapses and like a dying scorpion stings everything in range as a result. Russia and China are working with the 65% of the rest of the world who do not support either the actions of Nato and the US in Ukraine or sanctions against Russia…

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