Bob Moriarty
Nov 30, 2020

As of last Friday, the DSI for gold was 17 and 19 for silver. We are within spitting distance of a tradeable low. Mid December marks the end of tax loss silly season. Monday November 30 is both a lunar eclipse and a full moon.

The election insanity continues with most Republicans believing it was a fraudulent election and 30% of Democrats agreeing. No matter who takes office in January we have set the stage for a violent and bloody civil war/revolution. The Deep State, the giant Tech Companies and MSM have exposed their total corruption and willingness to lie about everything.

Meanwhile even the CDC finally admits that 2020 has shown no more excess deaths than 2019 and 2018. The whole Wuhan/Covid fiasco was fraud. It was a bad flu that you don’t want to catch but that also happens every other year. The sheep will continue to line up for the magic cure of a vaccine because Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci told them to do so. And in a few months we will start getting numbers on just how deadly and evil the vaccine turned out to be.

I have been investing for months in a sleeper from Australia with a minor gold project in Australia and two company making projects in Alaska. Quinton Hennigh turned me onto them and I have followed them closely. Matt Gill, an Australian, runs the company.

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