My conversations with 321gold founder Bob Moriarty never follow a script. In fact, they are completely unscripted and oftentimes take completely unexpected turns. The final conversation of 2020 was no different. We began discussing Bob’s assertion that Trump actually won the election, and then veered off onto the all-time highs we are seeing virtually every day in bitcoin and the US stock market.

I will offer fair warning to readers who don’t care to read people’s political opinions, the first 40% of this conversation focused on the election and the accusations of fraud and vote-rigging.  My late father warned me many times when I was growing up that the best way to lose friends was to discuss politics and/or religion. While we don’t discuss the latter, we did discuss the former, and while Bob and I don’t see eye to eye the conversation was respectful. One of the areas that we do agree on is precious metals and junior miners.

Without further ado, Energy & Gold’s December 2020 conversation with Bob Moriarty…

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