GDXJ: Big move coming?

The last couple of days of slaughter in the metals and mining space saw GDXJ turn down from over head resistance in the form of a descending ceiling. With three potentially big catalysts coming up around March 15 along with now narrowing wedges in the GDXJ chart,  we could...
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US stock market euphoria

Setting the scene… ( S&P500):     As the US stock indices have almost gone vertical I thought it might be interesting to map just how euphoric investors are today…   Yesterday the largest S&P500 ETF saw the second biggest inflow in over 5 years....
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Gold outlook

Gold Monthly
Gold: Monthly   Higher lows in RSI (Bullish). MACD is turning up and is near positive territory (Bullish). A lot of room left to upper Bollinger Band. Overall: Bullish   Gold: Weekly   MACD cross (Bullish). Price above Bollinger Median with a lot room left...
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If you want to show appreciation