Enormous patience is perhaps the most important factor for anyone who wants to be a part of the 5% who beats an index over the long term.

3 thoughts on “THH – “Waiting is 90% of the battle”

  1. Tim Jenkins says:

    Yeah…..14 years and counting. Come on man….

  2. ursel doran says:

    Especially these days with the computer robots and the FED manipulating the indexes, which is easy to see.
    The FED opened their SECOND trading office in Chicago in order to get the same thing all the big boys have had foe a few years, that is nano second timing to front run the rest of the robots.
    “There are no markets anymore, only manipulations!!!”

  3. Dave says:

    I agree with you, but I am also impatient. Like you said market average year gain is 8% averaged out. I like to catch falling knives too, and have been very lucky doing it. Like you said the story hasn`t changed for any of these juniors. If anything the story gets better! Generally if I am up 10% or more in days weeks, or months I sell. Especially now with no interest, or volume in the sector. Then try to get a new low, and repeat. Was up 46% over 2 years a couple weeks ago, not sure now. Probably would have made more just buying, and holding from 2020. Not sure because with the profits I can buy more shares each time. Bought NFGC at $5.64. Waiting on Elrrf at 2.50, or Eskay at 1.60 or less!

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