Chart of the Day: Déjà vu?

First Majestic
At the start of the monstrous leg up in the miners early 2016 one of the most explosive mining stocks out there was First Majestic Silver Corp, which rose over 500% before a severe correction took hold. Many people has probably seen the graph of...
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Palladium: Leading Gold, Silver and the Miners?

Palladium has been on quite a tear for the last couple of months:     The above graph is certainly a very different picture than gold and silver (unfortunately). Can this latest divergence between the metals be a positive sign going forward? Since the bull...
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Portfolio Update: New Additions and Cuts

During the last two to three weeks I have added six new positions that I am just done accumulating: Newrange Gold Telson Resources Almadex Minerals Great Panther Silver Kerr Mines Otis Gold Increased position in: Cordoba Minerals Decreased positions in: Sunvest Minerals Gungnir Resources ATM I am...
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Chart of the Day: GDXJ

The miners have taken a real beating over the last couple of weeks, and as of now GDXJ (Junior miners) are below the floor of the giant wedge formation (Bearish)… Notes: Below wedge floor (Bearish unless it’s a fake break, which in that case would...
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Chart of the Day: Bitcoin vs GDX

  During the last two years, divergences between Bitcoin and GDXJ has tended to converge again after a couple of months. With Bitcoin’s recent meteoric rise, this divergence is substantially bigger than what has been seen during this time frame. It will be interesting to...
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