I have been (and am currently) working on another “Stock Report”…


The last one I did was about Northern Empire Resources (Ticker: NM.V).and was published in September of last year.

Northern Empire was one of the few success stories in the gold space during the last year, especially the junior space. Most juniors I have saved on my watch list are down a tonne over that time period. Fortunately, Northern Empire actually doubled from the time of me publishing the report up until just recently, when the company announced it was being acquired by Coeur Mining in a deal valued at $1.64/share. When my report was published, it was trading at around $0.82 (and even lower than that when I began writing it).

I ended said report with the following prediction:

The fact that the company is packed with people who were involved in some of the most successful take overs since the bull market started coupled with Coeur Mining investing in both Corvus Gold and Northern Empire makes it easy to picture the end game.”


The “Stock Report” I am currently working on is in my opinion an even better case than Northern Empire (which I stated was a top 5 holding). This new one is top #1/#2 material… Yeah, I like it that much, and it’s not even a Pilbara junior! 😉

I was actually planning on doing said Stock Report AFTER September, due to the fact that I think there will be so much news out of Pilbara to digest (I own Novo Resources and Pacton Gold)….

BUT, the time table (catalysts) for this new company was pushed forward and thus I made the decision to try and put together a comprehensive report (hopefully) before any potential re-valuation started.

Until the report is done, I will probably not be posting any articles since this is taking several days as it is.


Best regards,

The Hedgeless Horseman

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