Bob Moriarty

Sep 28, 2021

I’m seeing a lot of sentiment indicators that are giving signals of a near bottom. The Gold Miners Bullish Percent Index has hit a new yearly low of 20, the lowest value since the plunge in March of 2020. The DSI for gold and silver hit 10 and 10 on September 16th and currently is at 13 for gold and 12 for silver. I’m ok with that suggesting we are near the low for the metals for now.

I wrote about Tombill (TBLL-V) first about three months ago. The company got caught up in the massive correction and has shed 50% of its value since then. Back then you could buy gold for $4-$8 an ounce so naturally today you can buy gold at $2-$4 an ounce.

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3 thoughts on “Tombill (TBLL.V): Tombill Hits but Gets no Respect

  1. Bryan Mc says:

    Good morning, Would you mind helping me? I would like to get better at analyzing Junior miners and finding undervalued companies. Is there any direction you can point me in that I can learn from, or books that you found greatly improved your strategies. As a young investor I am looking to learn and develop some great habits. Thank you for all the information that you have taken the time to share with us. It has been incredibly helpful and insightful for me.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Bryan,

      I have a tab called “Mining Education” with quite a few videos on geology and mining investing:

      Otherwise I think it’s best to just read/watch stuff from Warren Buffet and Howard Marks etc. And also to work on recognizing that volatility in the mining space is very emotionally driven. In other words working on the ability to stay rational when others are going insanely greedy or fearful.

      Very welcome, glad you like my work!

      All the best,

      1. Bryan Mc says:

        Thank you very much for taking the time to reply. I have been diving deep into the mining ed tab. I have noticed what you say about emotional vs rational. On another site a Nickel company that is starting to do well people on the bullboard are going nuts in both directions. It is a pleasure being a bit ignorant and being able to form my own opinions based of the information I am reading. I am looking forward to more great articles here, thanks again, enjoy the day.

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