In this interview, I had Erik Wetterling (the Hedgeless Horseman) over for a conversation on what he choses to do with his money, amid a potential currency collapse.

So, we started our talk by talking about where gold might be headed in the short & the long term.

Erik does not try to predict such things. He doesn’t believe in chasing bottoms or hoping for tops. He has a much more realistic approach to investing amid a potential currency collapse.

Erik shared with me that he does foresee an increased inflation, but even with that inflation he thinks that gold & silver juniors (exploration & development companies) will still offer the best leverage and potentially suffer the least.

This is also what Erik is doing with his money, to profit from a potential currency collapse. He is putting around 90% of his money in gold & silver juniors.

Erik believes in stacking physical gold & silver as an insurance, but nothing more. He believes he needs a bit more exposure to physical gold & silver than what he has now, and he doesn’t believe in online bullion vaults and that type of services.

CLICK HERE to watch the interview with over at Youtube.

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