Some thoughts on ore sorting and how it might impact Novo’s Egina project in a very positive way:



(Note: This is not a buy or sell recommendation. This is not investment advice and I am not a geologist. This article is highly speculative, forward looking and I can’t guarantee accuracy. Always do your own due diligence. I own a lot of shares of Novo Resources which I have bought in the open market and am thus biased.  Novo is a passive banner sponsor on my site. )

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2 thoughts on “Novo: Thoughts on Ore Sorting Part 1

  1. Barry McKnight says:

    During your video, “Thoughts on Ore Sorting, Part 1”, I believe you made reference that the $10/Cu. Metre represents only processing costs. From Cory Fleck’s question to Quinton Hennigh at the 12 minute mark during the interview on November 22/19, I believe reference was made that $10/Cu. Metre represents AISC/ Cu.Metre for Egina.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Barry,

      I think QH was being overly conservative. He has also said that he would be fabregasted if it comes in over $10/m3. The processing alone for 1m3 should be around $0.40 according to Steinert. The rest is up for each of us to guesstimate 🙂

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