In the wild, animals tend to stick together because there is safety in being part of the herd. In investing the opposite is true. If you go to a party or are standing in line at the supermarket and everyone is talking about real estate or Tesla, or bitcon or even gold, that means it’s time to sell. When the entire herd knows something there is no investment opportunity.

I make the important point in my investment books that you do not need to know anything about any investment if you understand human psychology. You only make money when others insist on losing it. Do not ever be part of any herd; it is dangerous to your financial health.

I have reported on New Found Gold before. Located in Newfoundland, they hit one of the highest-grade holes in Canadian history on the first try. That hole showed 92.86 g/t Au over 19.0 meters including 285.2 g/t Au over 6.0 meters…

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