Oil money speaks?

Full article from Zerohedge can be found HERE.


“n what may have been the biggest trolling of the United Nations in recent history, Saudi Arabia was elected via secret ballot in the UN Economic and Social Council to the 45-member UN Commission on the Status of Women last week. According to Reuters, twelve other countries were also elected by the council in Geneva to serve for a four-year term, ending in 2022: Algeria, Comoros, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Iraq, Japan, South Korea, Turkmenistan, Ecuador, Haiti and Nicaragua.”

““Electing Saudi Arabia to protect women’s rights is like making an arsonist into the town fire chief. It’s absurd,” Hillel Neuer, the UN Watch chief, said.”


Five members of the European Union are likely to have voted FOR including perhaps the worst country in the world regarding women’s rights, to UN’s panel of women’s rights!(?). This just proves how corrupt the UN actually is (much like politicians in most countries). Economic self interest trumps justice any given day.


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