New positions (“lottery tickets”):

  • Cache Exploration Inc
  • Silver Spruce Resources
  • K2 Gold Corporation

New positions (starter positions):

  • Redstar Gold Corp
  • Excellon Resources Inc
  • Liberty Gold Corp
  • Pure Gold Mining Inc

Added to existing positions in:

  • Otis Gold Corp (top 5 holding)
  • AbraPlata Resource Corp
  • Dolly Varden Silver (top 5 holding)

Reduced positions:

  • Novo Resources Corp (Due to position getting too large after the impressive run)


I am currently amassing quite a bit of shares in a new gold company I personally just discovered (aiming for a top 5 position). I will probably write a piece on it very soon.

Horsemans’s portfolio performance year to date: +38.79%

GDXJ performance year to date: +3.80%

3 thoughts on “Portfolio Update: Last Days Action

  1. David Reigel says:

    Great site. I like your holdings and investment rational. I think a number of your holdings

    1. David Reigel says:

      are likely to be big winners.

    2. admin says:

      Thank you David.

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