Below is another test portfolio which also be a pure equally weighted, HODL-folio like the Gamblore portfolio. This means that there will be no trading and there might be positions that might become a lot larger than the starting 5% position and some might perhaps even disappear over the coming years. While the Gamblore portfolio was more hand-picked from some high risk/high reward exploration stories that I actually own this portfolio will contain companies that I do not own.

All of the names below have some form of third party validation from either a mid tier mining company, major mining company, major industrial company and/or prominent investors. I have intentionally not included any of the names from the Gamblore portfolio who might have third party validation (like Brixton Metals with BHP). My hope is that this totally “hands off” portfolio will deliver positive returns and beat the GDXJ over the coming years and prove as an example of how one can get a solid return by simple HODL:ing a diversified portfolio of juniors with validation from larger companies that knows more about mining than any retail investor.

Note that this is not necessarily a list of the best third party validated juniors I can think of (For example Headwater and Inflection are not included despite me thinking they are some of the best). Some of these I actually don’t know much about. So again, this is not a list of “the best buys” or anything like that. With that said I own some of these names and I do not think any one of them is a poor company as far as I can tell. This list includes juniors with a focus on different metals so it is not a pure gold/silver portfolio.

  1. Dolly Varden Silver – $0.67
  2. Montage Gold – $0.63
  3. Fireweed Metals – $0.97
  4. Snowline Gold – $3.58
  5. Aurion Resources – $0.58
  6. Irving Resources – $0.72
  7. Aztec Minerals – $0.265
  8. Kenorland Minerals – $0.74
  9. Contact Gold – $0.02
  10. Relevant Gold – $0.15
  11. Red Pine Exploration – $$0.145
  12. Arras Minerals – $0.285
  13. American Pacific Mining – $0.29
  14. Magna Mining – $0.59
  15. White Gold Corp – $0.325
  16. Arizona Sonoran – $1.65
  17. Faraday Copper – $0.73
  18. Midland Exploration – $0.57
  19. Aldebaran – $0.87
  20. Amarc Resources – $0.12

Start date: June 23, 2023

Each holding will start with a 5% position size.

I will produce another spread sheet to track this portfolio soon as well.

Note: This is not investment advice nor buy recommendations. Dolly Varden and Contact Gold are banner sponsors.



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