There will be high impact drill results from the following companies and I expect volatility:

Drill results I expect within 14 days:

  • Brigadier Gold (BRG.V), which I just did an article on.
  • Timberline Resources (TBR.V)
  • Inflection Resources – Note: Triangulation drilling (AUCU.CN)
  • Eloro Resources (ELO.V)
  • TriStar Gold (TSG.V)

Drill results I expect within 2-4 weeks:

  • Eskay Mining (ESK.V)
  • NuLegacy Gold (NUG.V)
  • StrikePoint Gold (SKP.V)
  • White Gold Corp (WGO.V)
  • New Found Gold (NFG.V)

Drill results that I don’t know when they are coming:

  • FireFox Gold (FFOX.V)
  • Lion One Metals (LIO.V)
  • Cabral Gold (CBR.V)
  • Irving Resources (IRV.CN)
  • Labrador Gold (LAB.V)
  • Kalamazoo Resources (KZR.AX)
  • White Rock Minerals (WRM.AX)
  • Novo Resources (NVO.V)
  • Glen Eagle Resources (GER.V)

Note: Note investing results and I can’t guarantee accuracy.

One thought on “Coming Assays Might Materially Change My Portfolio

  1. jimh says:

    Irving Resources is not planning on increasing the number of drill rigs past the single one they have right now so results will be sparse as only so many meters can be drilled per day. I have this in email from the investor relations contact at Irving as of a couple weeks ago.

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