oin us next Tuesday as we host $ELO for a live webinar! CEO, Tom Larsen, and Executive Vice President of Exploration, Dr. Bill Pearson, will be presenting an overview of the Iska Iska #MRE  Tuesday, September 5th at 10:30AM PT / 1:30PM ET


8 thoughts on “Eloro: Join us next Tuesday as we host $ELO for a live webinar!

  1. Tim Jenkins says:

    These stocks continue to go nowhere partly because Gold & Silver have been in a stranglehold. The daily action continues to show strength in the Asian markets, and then it goes into a downward vacuum ( today’s action is a perfect example). I suspect that Blackrock’s algorithm, Aladdin, continues to gain strength as to the extent that it can control and manipulate markets.

  2. Jimh says:

    Elorro has no one to blame but themselves. Telling the market an mre was going to be delivered then later saying it would be delayed by six months then putting it out in terms of net smelter recovery? No one should be surprised it tanked. Bad decisions by mgmt. This is not a one off. It happens to all companies that do this kind of action.

  3. Tim Jenkins says:

    And swindle a few more gullible investors??
    Why not….

  4. Tim Jenkins says:

    Come on Elero. You can do it! Down another 5% today and sinking to new 52 week lows with every tick……..

    Another mining stock will bite the dust. I’m one of those gullible types that bit. What a sham

  5. Tim Jenkins says:

    That’s it…$1.61 now and sinking……doesn’t matter that the he RSI is at an amazingly low 17-18. No one believes the crap that management is spewing…….

  6. Tim Jenkins says:

    This stock is down almost 50% since mid July! Why? Perhaps it’s because management won’t tell the truth and be forthcoming with the facts !

  7. Tim Jenkins says:

    $1.56 and dropping! You can do it Elero! $1.40’s today?

  8. Tim Jenkins says:

    $1.47 and sinking this morning. Hello, Elero…
    Is anyone paying attention to the free fall of your stock price, or does that even matter????

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