Bob Moriarty’s newest book, partially titled “What Became of the Crow,” is likely to be his Magnum Opus—and if it isn’t, it should be! Like a great symphony that starts out slow, builds up subtly but relentlessly and finally “bursts forth” with an energy that leaves the reader wondering, “My god, to think that I almost didn’t get a chance to read about this!” The next thought is, OMG, it’s a publicly traded company and I don’t even have any shares!” Or if he/she does, “Is my position ‘of size'”?

The short form on this is that Quinton Hennigh, arguably one of the most insightful geologists of the day, has put together and test-driven a theory—at first mocked by “professionals” and average folks alike—that Western Australia (WA) having in the dim past been physically connected to South Africa, and therefore having certain geologic similarities in time and formation to an area known as “the Wits”—very likely held similar kinds of gold deposits. It was no ordinary deposit either. After its discovery in 1886, Witwatersrand proceeded to give up around 40% of all the gold ever mined anywhere in recorded history! Can you spell hundreds of millions of ounces?…

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