AuStar Gold Limited (ASX:AUL) (AuStar Gold) and White Rock Minerals Ltd (ASX:WRM) (White Rock)
refer to the Companies’ joint announcement on 22rd June in relation to the proposed merger of AuStar
Gold and White Rock (Merger) by way of a share scheme of arrangement (Share Scheme) and option
scheme of arrangement (Option Scheme) (together, the Schemes) and the orders made by the Federal
Court of Australia convening the meetings of AuStar Securityholders to vote on the Schemes (Scheme
Meetings) and approving the despatch of the Scheme Booklet to AuStar Securityholders.

AuStar Gold and White Rock are now pleased to announce that the Independent Expert has concluded
that each of the Schemes is fair and reasonable and therefore in the best interests of the AuStar

CLICK HERE to read the full news release.

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