Tombill Mines congratulates its neighbour Greenstone Mines, and its investors Equinox Gold and Orion Mine Finance on the start of construction of the Greenstone Mine.  With the commencement of its mining phase in late 2022, the pouring of gold in first half 2024, annual production of more than 400,000 oz Au over its first five years of operation, and a contemplated mine life of 14 years, the Greenstone Mine will be one of Canada’s largest gold mines.  It is satisfying to see a tradition of mining gold in the Geraldton Gold Camp that stemmed from the late 1930’s to 70’s re-emerge under a talented group.

The Mine will be a cornerstone asset for Equinox Gold and a transformative project on many levels, especially for Northern Ontario and the Geraldton region.

Tombill Mines holds 100% interest of the patents/claims adjacent to the Greenstone Mine, and is currently drilling the extension of the prolific F-Zone and surrounding mineralization, which plunges westward from the Greenstone Mine onto Tombill Mine’s ground.  Drilling and exploration of near surface targets has recently begun.

Adam Horne, Tombill’s CEO commented, “We welcome the re-awakening of the Geraldton Gold Camp.  The investment committed, scale of the Greenstone Mine resource, the various important partners that have supported and contributed to this project, and the fact there is a strong legacy of gold extraction suggests history will repeat itself in the Geraldton Gold Camp.”

Our recent News Releases provide information of our exploration of this world-class deposit.

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About Tombill 
Tombill owns various royalty-free mineral exploration and past-producing gold properties in the Geraldton and Beardmore Camp, Ontario.  The Company’s business is mineral exploration, primarily gold. It has 74 claims: 60 are owned and patented, five leased, and nine where it owns the mineral rights. Of these, the Tombill Main Group property comprises 58 claims: 54 owned patents, and four owned mineral rights. The Tombill Main Group claims were originally staked in the first Geraldton Gold Rush in the 1930’s by Tom Johnson and his brother Bill.

For more information, please visit, and contact:

Adam Horne
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
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Reda Jalabi
Strategic Development
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