Solis Minerals (SLMN.V) is a junior explorer that is exploring for copper in Latin America. The flagship project is the Mostazal Project which is located in northern Chile. It’s a quite an interesting project in the sense that it has some low hanging fruit in the form of “Surface Mantos Style” mineralization which has a historic resource and has been mined. It also has blue sky exploration potential in the form of “Deep Porphyry Style” mineralization which would basically be the source of the former type of mineralization. Mostazal is under a 4-year option to earn 100% by spending US$5 M on work commitments and paying US$5 M to the vendors. The company is also planning to do do work and drill at its two projects in Peru called Ilo Norte and Ilo Este.

I basically see Solis Minerals as a high risk/high reward play where a home run would be the anomaly but given the low Market Cap (sub <$10 M) it has the potential to pay off bigly. From a Risk/Reward perspective I like it and it fits into my diversified portfolio of early stage explorers where one “lucky hit” could pay for 10 failures etc. The fact that Mostazal has a historic, shallow resource of 10 Mt at a copper grade of 0.95% and 8 g/t silver one already knows the area hosts quite a bit of copper and this “low hanging fruit” mineralization could probably grow a few times over. It is the Deep Porphyry target that is the big question and that has the potential to be of interest to a major if the theory plays out. The company plans to drill Mostazal is quickly as possible and insiders own 33% of the company so I reckon the insiders have high conviction which is always good to see.

I hereby welcome Solis Minerals as a passive banner sponsor and will do a longer article in the future even though I think it’s a quite easy case to grasp: Low valued company swinging for the fences and therefore High Risk/High Reward.

Website: LINK

Some slides on the Mostazal Project taken from the latest presentation:




Note: This is not investing advice. I own shares of Solis Minerals and the company is now a banner sponsor. Therefore consider me biased, do your own due diligence and make up your own mind. Junior explorers are very risky and can be very volatile. Never invest money you cannot afford to lose. Assume I may buy or sell shares at any point in time.

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