I recently found a presentation done by Robert Friedland that I had not seen before. It was a 30min video presentation shot during the “FT Commodities Global Summit” in March 2018. Robert had some interesting things to say and I always listen carfully when a well connected industry titan like that has something to say….

Some of Friedland’s thoughts:

  • Air pollution is a massive problem that doesn’t get enough attention.
  • China will totally ban the internal combustion engine (sooner rather than later) and will be the leader in the EV revolution.
  • Bullish on South Africa due to the current president being Cyril Ramaphosa.
  • That nickel, copper and cobalt are the best bets when it comes to battery metals.
  • That the lithium hype is over-rated.
  • That a lot of cars will be built with aluminum and scandium in the future.
  • That platinum will see increased demand in the future.
    • If that ends up being true, the chart below gets even more interesting…
  • Platinum

    Platinum (Monthly).

Full Presentation:



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