Guld & silver

  • “Metals at import pivot” – Avi Gilburt
  • “Chart of the day – HUI mining index”Gary Savage
  • “Gold: Rare sentiment reading offers great buying opportunity”Taylor Dart
  • “Do you really own your gold?”Goldcore
  • “The case for natural resource equities”GMO
  • “Japanese Yen and gold are about to break out as the yield curve flattens” –

Deutsche Bank

  • “Källor: Undersöker stödåtgärder”
  • “Germany working on “contingency plan” for Deutsche bank as lender seels unit…”Zerohedge
  • “Deutsche Bank goes full Dick Fuld…”Zerohedge


  • “Sweden creates 55 “No-Go Zones” as it loses control of refugee crisis”
  • “Disturbing facts about the FED’s phony housing “recovery””David Stockman
  • “IMF sounds alarm bells over trade slowdown and low inflation”TheTelegraph

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