rik Wetterling, Founder and Editor of The Hedgeless Horseman website, joins me to review the odd dichotomy between the smart money, (high net worth investors and large companies), positioning into the #goldstocks, versus the very low overall volumes and lack of retail buying seen in the #gold equities. This is typically what we see during turns in a given market, where smart money is buying as dumb money is liquidating during sentiment extremes. This type of scenario should be a bell ringing for contrarian value investors.

We then shift over to 2 advanced #explorers with development potential in Brazil, that Erik feels are misunderstood stories in the market, that have released constructive news which fell on deaf ears. The companies discussed are Cabral Gold (CBR.V) (CBGZF) and Altamira Gold (ALTA) (EQTRF).*

*In full disclosure, the companies mentioned by Erik in this interview include personal positions in his portfolio, and they may also be site sponsors on The Hedgeless Horseman website at the time of this recording (THH: ALTA and CBR are!).

One thought on “Erik Wetterling – Smart Money Is Positioning In Gold Stocks While Retail Investors Withdraw

  1. Warren says:

    Well I’m gonna say that retail investors are far and few today. During 2 years of Covid they were busy buying Crypto’s, NFT’s and high flying speculative stocks of all types. Most probably lost it all buying the bubble and now have exited the market altogether. What left is some stragglers that will enter the market at $3,000 gold, $50 silver and the junior resource sector after the initial 300-500% gains are had and I’ll be glad to sell some of mine on the way up.

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