The king of catching falling knives:

One thought on ““I Like to Buy Stocks That Are hitting New Lows” – Walter J. Schloss

  1. Sylvester Eply says:

    Your “Investing Clips” and “Investing Strategies” categories have become my favorites. I definitely read other posts and other info online, but my situation is one where for the most part I’ve picked my favorite horses months ago (Eskay, Eloro, Cabral and GoGold) and having done that I am trying to learn to stay in the saddle, to invest the way you describe. But having been in this game only a year and a half I find that it easy to entertain doubts, and therefore I benefit from frequent reminders: Keep one’s eye on the ball. “Value investing” (In a world gone crazy). “You invest in companies” “Frequent Mistakes”. All very good and easy to digest for the average investor who has decided to put money in this space. Thanks again.

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