I am working on a few more extensive company presentations so I am quite busy ATM. With that said I will try to do some more real time commenting on some of the cases I like at current levels etc. Note that I own shares of all companies mentioned and some are sponsors. Anyway, here goes…

Lion One Metals (sponsor)

Been a buyer lately since I still think it is one of the best risk/reward cases around due to the advanced stage of Tuvatu coupled with the immense exploration upside.

Timberline Resources

An explorer in Nevada which already has around 500 Koz of resources. Drill results are expected in the not too distant future and I believe this one has a lot of room to grow after listening to Quinton’s presentation. High risk/high reward in a tier #1 jurisdiction.

Novo Resources (Sponsor)

Well, you probably know what I think already. It also looks like the chart might be setting up for a really big move but that’s just personal speculation.

District Metals (Sponsor)

Cheap silver/base metal explorer in Sweden. I think this one has both probable growth ahead plus high potential growth. Awesome team behind it with skin in the game.

White Rock Metals (WRM.AX)

Super cheap and I expect to make 50%-200% on this one within six months.

Inflection Resources

One of the best pure exploration plays I currently know of. Super ultra team behind it with loads of skin in the game. Chasing tier #1 porphyries in Australia and is currently testing a whopping #20 targets.

Eloro Resources (Sponsor)

Waiting for the first ever drill results from the very exciting Iska Iska. Exciting play with a lot of additional properties. High risk/High reward with impressive blue sky potential.

Kalamazoo Resources

Turning into a very good risk/reward play in my opinion. Got 1.65 Moz in the Ashburton region, Australia and got tier #1 potential in its projects in the Fosterville area. Also got some ground near DEG’s Hemi discovery.

Cabral Gold (Sponsor)

Sell-off overdone. Missing on the three first holes at one target and it gets slaughtered. Ridiculous. Been picking up shares.

Labrador Gold (Sponsor)

I think this could run on drill speculation (both LAB’s own and New Found Gold’s current campaign)

New Found Gold (Sponsor)

Simply loads of drilling and hopefully high grade to bonanza grade hits!

Firefox Gold (Sponsor)

Very cheap junior in a hot jurisdiction. High risk/Very high reward play. Crescat (Quinton) has invested money recently.

Strikepoint Gold (Sponsor)

Two semi-derisked projects, a bunch of additional projects and lead by a very motivated CEO. Crescat (Quinton) has invested money recently.


Current top #3 positions:

#1 Novo Resources

#2 Eskay Mining

#3 White Rock Minerals


Note: This is not investment advice. Always do your own due diligence and consider me biased.

Best regards,

Erik Wetterling aka “The Hedgeless Horseman”


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3 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: Oct 21

  1. Jay Linn says:

    How do you feel now about Irving Resources? Its stock has been pretty disappointing.

    1. admin says:

      Might have the top #2 project portfolio in the world for any junior. The downside? Limited to one drill rig ATM when they could probably have 8 on Omu alone. Love the fundamentals but the bottleneck of being in Japan sux ATM. When they sort that out then the real fun begins again, if not sooner. Still a large holding but not top #3.

      Best regards

      1. Jay Linn says:

        Thank you for that insightful reply, HH !!

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