I have a bunch of slides that I will post at some point in time, that covers a lot on the Novo staking as well as target size theory. Basically I think I have cracked the code behind Novo’s staking. It’s really simple when you see it (if I am indeed correct).

But it all revolves around this in my humble opinion (text and lines added by me):


Pilbara Stratigraphy

Pilbara Stratigraphy.


Basically the north Pilbara has been eroded and the conglomerates with it (if they even were present). Most of the area south of the Tumbiana/Kyleena Formation line is basically too deep under cover to be economic. At least if it takes large diameter drill holes to drill and confirm a resource.

The picture above is just the first macro view, and it isn’t showing the whole picture regarding the gold potential.

The main points are

  1. Quinton has a theory about how the gold was created in the conglomerate beds beneath the Mt Roe basalts.
  2. There is a reason he staked all the land he did, which is in accordance with his theory (not random).
  3. His staking is in accordance with the geological map above as well as my thoughts to the right in my humble opinion.
  4. If he is correct about how widespread the gold is and that quality holds up, then it will probably dwarf even the Wits given enough time (and that might just be the shallow stuff).

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