A summation of some of the select news items I am expecting from some of my holdings in the short to medium term. I think a lot can change for the companies in my portfolio over the coming months…

  • Eskay Mining (ESK.V)
    • Drill results from TV/Jeff
  • Novo Resources (NVO.V)
    • Arrival of ore sorter
    • News on the big picture for Egina
    • Advancement of Beaton’s Creek
  • Lion One Metals (LIO.V)
    • Drill results from Tuvatu
  • Inflection Resources (AUCU.V)
    • Drill results from multiple targets
    • Announcement of arrival of second drill rig
  • NuLegacy Gold (NUG.V)
    • Drill start in Nevada
  • Labrador Gold (LAB.V)
    • More exploration results
    • CSAMT results
    • Drill start
  • Irving Resources(IRV.CN)
    • Drill results
    • Path forward for the other projects
  • District Metals (DMX.V)
    • More historical data
    • Drill start
  • White Rock Minerals (WRM.AX)
    • Drill results from Last Chance
    • Soil sample results from Last Chance
    • Hopefully talk of spinning out assets
  • Eloro Resources (ELO.V)
    • Drill results from Iska Iska
  • Timberline Resources (TBR.V)
    • Drill results
  • Glen Eagle (GER.V)
    • Drill results
  • White Gold Corp (WGO.V)
    • Drill results
  • Cabral Gold (CBR.V)
    • Drill resilts
    • Prospecting results
  • New Found Gold (NFG.V)
    • Drill results from the Queensway Project
  • Kuya Silver (KUYA.CN)
    • Start of drilling
  • TriStart Gold (TSG.V)
    • Drill results
    • Results from PFS
  • Firefox Gold (FFOX.V)
    • Exploration results
    • Start of drilling

Note: This is not investment advice.


One thought on “Catalyst Watch: October 13

  1. Alyoshak says:

    This Catalyst Watch is a terrific idea. Thanks Horseman.

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