Rick Rule joins Deutsche Goldmesse for a special webinar. The President & CEO of Sprott USA discusses his love for gold and three reasons for an abrupt end of the gold bull market. Rick Rule, President & CEO of Sprott USA, kicks off this special webinar with a 25min presentation on how to be an investor, what to look out for when investing in the gold & mining sector, and how to allocate your capital! He shares ideas on where to invest, where he sees the most alpha possible and much, much more. Following the presentation, Rick runs through an extensive and comprehensive Q&A session with the audience – topics included: – Book recommendations – Great Bear Resources – Bitcoin vs. Gold and his stance on cryptocurrencies …

Free portfolio review by Rick Rule: www.sprottusa.com/rankings


13/01/21 – SF Online Session

05 10/02/21 – SF Online Session

06 24/05/21  – Deutsche Goldmesse Spring 2021

25/05/21 – Deutsche Goldmesse Spring 2021

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