Below you will find a list of some of the companies that have piqued my interest and I am currently doing due diligence on, some of which I have already initiated a starter position in. Keep in mind that I constantly look for more companies, so this list is by no means complete, but rather a snapshot.

Sooner rather than later I will be compiling a document of my personal favorites, that will be available for purchase and download. I hope to have this document complete before Christmas.

New companies under review (listed in no particular order)

  • Trek Mining (Equinox Gold)
  • Fortuna Silver
  • Alio Gold
  • McEwen Mining
  • Lumina Gold
  • Nighthawk Gold
  • Savary Gold
  • Wesdome Gold Mines
  • Liberty Gold
  • Silver Bull Resources
  • Barsele Minerals
  • Azimut Exploration
  • Anonymous company (a very illiquid exploration company)


I still believe that many of the juniors miners are severely undervalued and that even though the metals can head lower from here, I don’t see that big of a downside in the precious metals miners, since I believe they are already pricing in metal prices below the current levels. I am also focusing on companies with top quality management given that I consider there to be a very low management premium (if at all) overall in the sector ATM.

Best value propositions in my opinion (descending order):

  1. Gold miners
  2. Silver miners
  3. Silver
  4. Gold

Additionally, I have really started to look closer on some of the multi-asset companies because I think that quite a few of them are trading at levels that barely reflect their flagship projects, and thus you get their peripheral properties for free more or less.


Best regards,

The Hedgeless Horseman

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[Disclaimer: This should not be considered a buy or sell recommendation. The thoughts and data provided in this article are my own and may prove to be incorrect. This is a highly risky junior stock.  I am long Novo Resources and am thus biased and it’s important to DYODD!]



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