New positions

  • GT Gold (GTT)
    • I pretty much thought GT Gold was overvalued for the entire move up and as Jayfire put it: “It’s priced for perfection”…
    • Well the latest NR shattered that “perfection” and shares have sold off big time the last two days, so I took a small starter position for the first time.
    • I don’t think the latest NR means that the project suddenly became tier 3.

Increased Positions

  • Novo Resources (NVO)
    • I have been re-buying shares of Novo Resources quite a lot during the last few weeks, and especially when it went under $7.
    • News Release today was very encouraging.
    • I will soon be putting up a “Novo Resources NAV spread sheet” showing possible valuation scenarios. The thickness presented in today’s release was above my personal (conservative) baseline.
  • Fiore Gold (F)
    • Starter position.
    • Mediocre but cheap producer with a lot of triggers for potential revaluation.
    • Beta play ATM.

Decreased positions

  • Northern Empire (NM)
    • Position got too large.
    • Corvus Gold continues to expand their “Mother Lode Project” which is surrounded by Northern empires claims, which probably fueled the recent rally.
    • Still bullish.


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