Garrett Ainsworth, President and CEO of District Metals (TSX.V:DMX) (“District”) joins me to discuss the October 30th news release announcing the signing of a Definitive Agreement with Boliden Mineral AB (“Boliden”) on the Tomtebo and Stollberg Properties in Sweden. Initially, Boliden will be granted the right to earn up an eighty-five percent (85%) interest in the Tomtebo Property. Following exercise of the Earn-In Option, the Tomtebo Property will be contributed to a joint venture, along with Boliden’s Stollberg Property, under which District will control an initial fifteen percent (15%) interest.

We start by recapping the terms of the agreement focused on the $10million in exploration expenditures that must be spend to earn the 85% interest, with a minimum of $3million at Tomtebo. Garrett then provides a background on the Stollberg Property. I ask Garrett when exploration will start and what Boliden is targeting on the Projects.

To wrap up, Garrett provides an update on where the government in Sweden stands on lifting the moratorium on exploration and mining of Uranium.

If you have any follow up questions for Garrett please email me at [email protected].

LINK to interview.

4 thoughts on “District Metals – Definitive Agreement Signed With Boliden On The Tomtebo and Stollberg Properties In Sweden, Sweden’s Uranium Moratorium Update

  1. Tim Jenkins says:

    It’s pure and simple; the fortune on the mining companies is tied to the price of a manipulated US price of Hold and Silver…..

    As long as the algorithms can turn it lower for as long as they want, more and more mining companies will fall by the way side……

    1. admin says:

      Hey man,

      I think your time is better spent finding something else to do, or at least try and make it work despite if everything you believe is true. This constant whining is not helpful nor productive.

      1. Tim Jenkins says:

        You may refer to what I’m doing as “whining.” I refer to it as being realistic. I don’t know how many individuals look at your web site, but the sooner everyone in this industry understands what the obstacles to higher prices are, the sooner those issues can be addressed, and higher prices can be attained. Just plodding along with hopeful and bullish thoughts, won’t get the job done.

  2. Tim Jenkins says:

    Today’s price action is ANOTHER perfect example of what I’m talking about…..
    And pm analysts sit by and spout off that things will change…soon Gold and Silver will explode higher……

    Yeah, right! What is going to break the stranglehold of the algorithms? Will anyone even talk about that? No way

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