0:00 Introduction 1:12 Kevin Smith Macro 13:52 Tavi Costa Macro 41:00 Quinton Hennigh Introduction 1:11:14 Eskay Mining Update 1:18:50 Hercules Silver Update 1:21:24 Goliath Resources Update 1:24:54 Lion One Update 1:26:31 Nevada King Update 1:27:22 Blackwolf Copper & Gold Update 1:31:02 Conclusion

2 thoughts on “Crescat Gets Activist on Gold & Silver #143 – Updates

  1. Tim Jenkins says:

    And the hits keep on coming. EXK…..HORRIBLE EARNINGS……SAND…….seemingly decent earnings/royalties…..slammed to a new 52 week low.

    Sure, the sentiment amongst miners is horrible, but thats because their earnings (or lack thereof) are horrible…….

    1. ManuelK says:

      Says the troll …

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