Rick Rule is a widely recognised investor with over 50 years of experience across global markets. He is the President and CEO of Rule Investment Media which assists investors in creating a personalised resource “backbone” for their overall investment plan. Rick started by discussing what happened in the 2023 equity markets and what could unfold in 2024. Rick talked about uranium, silver, oil, coal, gold, copper, nickel, and lithium whilst also looking at different jurisdictions.

2 thoughts on “What Rick Rule Is Doing In 2024

  1. Jonatan Bouillon says:

    This site is a good new resource of information for me i really like it.

    I’m listening every Rick Rule interview and there is a lot of interviews.

    What i can resume i understood and if someone can correct my assumption is that Rick is moving or looking to move to asset less popular like nickel, platinum, silver, copper.

    He has sell uranium a major part of is uranium porfolio to buy something else.

    He like copper and invest in copper and see the demand et price will be going up. But, he is waiting for the recession because the recession might impact the price of copper and miners.

    He is a fan of big oil and see a futur il oil for the next 40 years company like Exon and others. He mention a lot of gaz or/and oil company Freehold royalties, Tourmaline, Devon, others.

    He is looking at silver miners but said is waiting to invest in those I’m not sure when he is going to make moves.

    He mention recently lithium because the price has gone down but there is a lot of players in that field.

    I think he is investing in risky jurisdiction platinum producer (Sylbanie maybe) in South Africa but it’s not clear witch one.

    He talks often that he is an investor of Ivanoe Mines that has a big copper mine, a big platinum mine.

    He talk often about Ross Beaty, Robert Friedland and other by name of the industry and he invest in compagnies driven by theses leaders.

    He is looking to asset that has a potential tier one deposit.

    I’m wondering if it’s possible to know what other companies and what is he really supporting or investing. I know we can find what Eric Sprott is supporting but I would love to see.

  2. Warren says:

    Ricks a real smart guy and is looking at the heavily sold off commodity’s and those stocks that will benefit to the upside when it turns. As an investor I need to pick my spots also and patiently ride that pain. I also need to understand that I won’t pick the bottom, top or possess perfect timing when selling. I just need not to be greedy and take my gains along the way when it arrives.

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