Concerns are growing among energy analysts, executives, and media outlets covering the energy space about the feasibility of the Biden administration’s efforts to subsidize an energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables into reality. Big power demands to supply electric vehicle (EV) recharging, crypto mining operations, and renewable industrial growth needs were already straining the capacities of America’s regional power grids. But now, the explosive growth of AI and its insatiable thirst for electricity threatens to overwhelm them…


2 thoughts on “Soaring demand from power-hungry AI is derailing Biden’s green energy transition

  1. Totally predictable, but not by a retard like Biden.

  2. Warren says:

    So when all three are humming full bore draining our grid…… Cryptos, EV’s and AI will sit idle. I will happily polish my relic silver n gold by candle light.

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