Bob Moriarty
Dec 20, 2021

“I’ve always wondered if the American Empire would end with a whimper or a bang. We may well find out which in the next week or so. When Germany wanted to reunite both pieces in 1990 it was important for the USSR to participate in the decision since East Germany was pretty much a client state. The US assured the USSR that Nato would not move east to threaten Russian interests…

… I think we have seen the worst of the Tax Loss Silly Season with gold and silver shares starting to catch a bid. At the very least that rally should last through February and perhaps March.

I wrote a couple of articles about Cabral Gold (CBR-V) in 2020. And here. The company was one of the top gaining stocks in Canada for the year. They are in the midst of a 25,000 meter drill program yet don’t seem to get much respect even with five drills turning.”

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