Bob Moriarty
Sep 28, 2020

Back in July I wrote a short piece about Cabral Gold (CBR-V CBGZF-OTCBB). Shares were $.155 apiece then, now up 300% even within a two-month correction. After last week’s announcement it should be obvious to investors just why.

Overall we have had some giant moves in both gold and silver since the March lows. And the Fed and other central banks have made it clear that all fiat currencies are going on the bonfire. Current policies will destroy all currencies including the dollar. It’s just a question of which one hits the bottom first. So over the medium to long term all resources are going much higher, even as currencies go into hyperinflation worldwide.

That said, stocks go up and stocks go down. It is the nature of all investing. Investors overreact in one direction then they overreact in the other direction. Silver went from under $12 in March to just short of $30 in five months. Did you really believe that “this time it’s different” and there would be no correction?

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