When I visited Australia with Quinton Hennigh in June of 2009 while we were in Perth we visited an Australian mining company that wanted to talk about how to increase shareholder interest and boost the value of the company. For most periods, the Australian shares suffer a deep discount in almost every category to Canadian listed shares. On occasion you have something like De Grey that blasted higher from $.04 on Jan 1, 2020 to $1.55 by September 15th. Those kind of rocket ship runs can make one a fortune. I owned shares at $.04 and thought they were cheap and exited before $1.55 because I invest to make money and I had. At $1.55 it was getting absurd.

CLICK HERE to read the full article on White Rock Minerals over at 321gold.com

One thought on ““White Rock Minerals Still Snoring”

  1. Warrick Cannon says:

    I also like the new acquisition in Victoria that is producing at above 10g/t

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