Ophir Gold Corp (OPHR.V) is an explorer focused on its flagship project called The Breccia Gold Project which is located in Idaho, USA. The project has seen both historic exploration and mining. Furthermore there was an historic resource which suggested there was at least 700,000 ounces present.

Ophir Gold will soon be drilling in Idaho and in light of the minuscule Market Cap of C$7.44 M I see it as a quite attractive high risk/high reward play. The thing I consider to positively skew the risk/reward function the most is the fact that there is a historic resource since it greatly increases the chance of success.

… For the reasons outlined above I participated in the most recent Private Placement and I have also bought some shares in the open market. I am also bringing on the company as a banner sponsor of The Hedgeless Horseman.

Note: This is not investment advice. I own shares of Ophir Gold and the company is a banner sponsor of The Hedgeless Horseman. Therefore assume I am biased and do your own due diligence. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information in this article.

Best regards,

Erik Wetterling / The Hedgeless Horseman

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