Jay Introduces the show, provides sponsor news and explains the topic for the day and Quinton Hennigh, Chairman and President of Novo Resources, provides current news.

4 thoughts on “Quinton Hennigh Updates Novo Resources (NVO.V)

  1. Tim Jenkins says:

    And another great trading day for this over diluted under performing stock. Just incredible…

    1. Travis Bruce says:

      Then sell. Me personally, I continue to sell my winners and buy more NOVO. It’s a long play not an overnight get rich scheme. Good luck to you and your future investments.

  2. Chanpuga says:

    Tim – please sell it. Tomorrow put in a limit order for 2.13 and I will happily buy whatever you’ve got.

  3. JP Adams says:

    Yes, investment patience can be hard to find for those that don’t really understand the Novo value proposition. But being a regular reader of the Hedgelesshorseman I have to thank the Horseman for his regular updates and analysis of the Novo value proposition. It is always spot on. Now that production has begun that excellent analysis will become reality as the Novo team turns its exploration assets and a lot of hard work into a very profitable gold production machine. I expect the $$$$ results of each quarter to continually improve as Beatons Creek production ramps up and the contribution of Comet Well with its game changing ore sorting technology shows its potential in Q2. Oh and I haven’t mentioned the cash that will roll in from Egina. 2021 should be a great year for Novo and lay the foundation for many fantastic growth years yet to come.

    With Quinton and Rob at the helm of Novo and the Pilbara cash machine behind them I would never sell my shares.

    Yes, the best time to buy Novo shares is right now as the financial results begin to roll in.

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