Michael Spreadborough, Executive Co-Chairman of Novo Resources, explains why the company is forced to pause production and what they are planning to resume.

One thought on “Michael Spreadborough, Executive Co Chairman of Novo Resources

  1. Tyler says:

    This was a poorly conducted interview. Jay didn’t ask any of the tough questions at all on why management took so long to file the application for the fresh material, why they were so far off on their estimates for the oxide material, a cost estimate for the next 12-18 months so we at least know their budget in comparison to their available cash, and why, if the future was so bright, Novo would invest a few million to retire millions of shares outstanding and reduce its massive share count. It was simply a verbal explanation of what we all read in prior press releases; no new insights at all, no apology for the missteps, and no sense of accountability to shareholders.

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