It’s that time again. Added some $LIO.V. Down to semi no brainer levels in my book.

  • C$51 M cash
  • 4 drill rigs
  • fully permitted mining lease
  • tier 1 exploration potential
  • US$143 M in EV

… What’s not to like?



Note: This is NOT investment advice. Always do your own due diligence. I personally own shares of  Lion One Metals and the company is a passive banner sponsor of The Hedgeless Horseman.

7 thoughts on “Lion One Metals: Adding

  1. Marc Ginsberg says:

    I know you’re not a financial advisor, but I just took your advice on LIO.

    1. admin says:

      Good luck to both of us Marcy Marc!

      Best regards

  2. Robert Spadafora says:

    Don’t like the timing of recent investor
    press release….after mkt. close on Friday afternoon seems a place to hide news. That’s what I don’t like.

    1. admin says:

      I guess they thought it might underwhelm the market(?). I really have no idea. It still pretty much puts in a solid floor and any exploration success is all gravy… And judging by all known info I would be surprised they were just lucky to hit a bonanza hole on the first try!

      Best regards

  3. Daniel L Vincer says:

    Any thoughts on why NOVO didn’t buy a peice of Lion one? It seems Novo has stakes in other companies and Quinton knows whats going on here, so no didn’t Novo become a sharholder here?

    1. Sach says:

      Novo has to be very careful of business “imperialism” where they extend their empire over too big of a geographical area. In doing so, they spread their focus over too many jurisdictions and become disjointed. The word imperialism is typically used to describe governement actions but there is such a thing as business imperialism, which if becomes too unwieldy, can lead to the end of an empire. Notwithstanding Novo’s well executed investment in New Found Gold in Newfoundland, business imperialism is their BIGGEST business risk that they may not be consciously addressing at board meetings.

  4. Sach says:

    >> What’s not to like?<<

    Most people are missing the elephant in the room. Lion One has 14+ million "in the money" warrants that were accelerated in August (see press release) and have to be exercised by their holder by an October 7th expiration date. The expectation is that warrant holders will exercise and then sell in the open market, thereby creating an "overhang" in the stock, i.e. downward pressure on price. So watch the trading volume in Lion One for a clue to this activity. This downward pressure doesn't magically go away on October 7th.

    Also, we are at quarter-end today. Here is a purely speculative thought: Short-term traders who have a boss and therefore get judged, don't want their Lion One trades showing up on a holdings report at quarter-end, because it will likely show a loss. So they sell and buy back next quarter.

    I bought a little bit of Lion One this week but I stand ready in a well-funded way if a market crash or large block of trades takes the price below $1 again.

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